You can’t count on 49ers for much, but they’ll always beat Rams

You can't count on 49ers for much, but they'll always beat Rams

Even when the 49ers don’t believe in themselves, they can believe in the Rams.

They can count on Rams coach Sean McVay to be drunk on Chunky soup and make baffling decisions that he would never even consider in other games.

They can count on the Rams’ offense to be one-dimensional and bland — even when they enter the game buzzing.

They can count on the Rams’ defense to make mistake after mistake, despite the Niners rarely exerting the kind of pressure that usually elicits those mistakes.

And then, the Niners can count on the Rams to fight with each other on the sideline about all of those failures.

“I was kind of surprised when they gave up a little early,” 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa said after the Niners’ 31-14 win Sunday.

I don’t see why that would be surprising, Nick. It’s what the Rams do against the 49ers.

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