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The 2024 election race is quickly approaching as candidates keep emerging for the 60th presidential election in United States history, which will take place on Nov. 5, 2024.

President Joe Biden announced that he was running for re-election in 2024 in April, asking voters to let him “finish the job,” he will be facing Democratic competitors such as author Marianne Williamson and lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

While the Democratic party holds just a few candidacies, a significant number of candidates are lining up to represent the Republican party, including former President Donald Trump, who’s planning a comeback bid to the White House.

Here’s a list of the official candidates for president in 2024.


Joe Biden

President Joe Biden officially launched his re-election campaign on April 25. During his first public appearance after the announcement, he outlined his plans to handle his role as president and presidential candidate.

Biden, who has over 50 years of experience in Washington, is raising concerns about his age since he will turn 81 later this year.

“I said we are in a battle for the soul of America, and we still are,” Biden said. “The question we are facing is whether in the years ahead we have more freedom or less freedom. More rights or fewer.”

He also asked voters to give him another chance to fulfill unmet promises from his first campaign.

Marianne Williamson

Self-help author Marianne Williamson was the first Democrat to formally challenge President Joe Biden for the 2024 nomination.

The 70-year-old announced her presidential campaign on March 4, focusing on calls for spiritual healing than actual voter support.

Williamson, whose features the slogans “A New Beginning” and “Disrupt the System,” said she’ll be campaigning in early-voting states on the 2024 election calendar.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that he was running for president on April 19 at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. 

Kennedy, 69, the son of the late U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy, is known for his health-related conspiracy theories and anti-vaccine advocacy, positions that have caused controversy with health officials and some members of his family.


Here is a list of candidates who have officially joined the Republican race for 2024.

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump launched his 2024 campaign on Nov.15, 2022, in a chandeliered ballroom at his Mar-a-Lago country club in Palm Beach, Florida.

The twice-impeached Trump faces charges of high crimes and misdemeanors, and is the first commander-in-chief in American history to be criminally indicted.

Regardless of the ongoing investigations, he confirmed that he will remain in the 2024 presidential race even if he is indicted with criminal charges. 

Asa Hutchinson

Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced his presidential candidacy on April 2, stating that his experience, messaging, and hope for the future will resonate with Americans.

Hutchinson, 72, left office in January after eight years as governor and also served as President George W. Bush’s head of the Drug Enforcement Administration and also as undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Larry Elder

Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder, known for his failed 2021 recall effort in California, announced his run for the Republican presidential nomination on April 20.

Elder, 70, made the announcement on Fox News, following up with a tweet “America is in decline, but this decline is not inevitable,” Elder tweeted. “We can enter a new American Golden Age, but we must choose a leader who can bring us there. That’s why I’m running for President,” he added.

Elder has criticized Democrats’ “woke” agenda, Black Lives Matter and the notion of systemic racism, positions that have put him at odds with many other Black people.

Nikki Haley

Former South Carolina Governor and United Nations ambassador, announced her candidacy for president on Feb.14, becoming the first major challenger to former President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

The ex-Trump Cabinet official, who said two years ago that she wouldn’t challenge her former boss for the White House in 2024, made the announcement in a video, making it clear that she changed her mind.

If elected, Haley would be the nation’s first female president and the first U.S. president of Indian descent.

Perry Johnson

Republican businessman Perry Johnson announced his bit for president to a group of supporters on Mar. 3.

Johnson was considered a top 2022 GOP candidate for Michigan governor before he and four other Republican hopefuls were disqualified because of invalid signatures.

Johnson, who was willing to spend millions of dollars on his campaign for the governor’s office, said his rights were violated during the process.

Vivek Ramaswamy

Former biotech entrepreneur, author, and conservative political commentator Vivek Ramaswamy announced his candidacy on March 10.

He is only receiving 1% of support, according to a CPAC straw poll.

Tim Scott

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott announced his presidential run on May 22 at his alma mater, Charleston Southern University.

Scott, 57, first joined Congress as a representative in 2009 and to this date is the only Black Republican in the U.S. Senate.

Scott’s campaign said he has around $22 million in cash for the campaign as he launches his bid.

Ron DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy on May 24 during a conversation with Twitter CEO Elon Musk in a virtual event on Twitter Spaces.

He later posted a video on Twitter officially launching his campaign, which included criticisms of President Joe Biden, and adding that he wants to lead a “Great American Comeback.”

DeSantis, 44, has emerged as a national star in Republican politics as an unapologetic leader on controversial issues, such as abortion and immigration.


Governor of New Hampshire Chris Sununu, Former Vice President Mike Pence, Former National Security Advisor to Trump John Bolton.

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