Should I call people to explain my daughter’s wedding?

Should I call people to explain my daughter's wedding?

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My daughter moved to Europe several years ago and met a wonderful man, to whom she is now engaged. Her father and I are delighted.

They are likely to marry near their home in Europe so that their friends and his family can easily attend. Of course, we will, too.

The rest of our family and friends live in the U.S. I think destination weddings are an imposition, and we’re happy to host a reception near our home. However, several people have already told us they’re eager to attend a wedding in Europe.

How do I sort this? I can’t envision sending a wedding invitation with check boxes indicating “preferred destination.” Should I call/email/text guests beforehand to explain the situation? That seems weird.

GENTLE READER: A wedding near the bridal couple’s home is not a destination wedding, but Miss Manners takes your point that the travel may be difficult or impossible for some.

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