She can’t be at my house but I don’t want to say why

She can't be at my house but I don't want to say why

DEAR HARRIETTE: A friend called and asked me if her daughter could come to stay with me for a few months because she wants to see if she can make it in my city.

These people are very nice, and I want to help, but right now my husband and I are going through what is likely going to be a divorce.

We are in the throes of figuring out our lives, and it isn’t pretty. We haven’t talked to anybody about it, but it is happening. Our son just moved out, and we are finally dealing with our issues.

How do I say no to my friend and give her a reason without revealing what’s going on in my personal life?

Bad Timing

DEAR BAD TIMING: You can say no without a long explanation. Tell her that this is the worst possible time for you. You are going through some personal challenges, and you cannot welcome her daughter at this time.

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