Safety Experts Urge Caution as ‘Look Who Died’ Facebook Scam Spreads   – NBC Chicago

Experts are warning Facebook users about a new scam designed to install malware on your device and to steal access to your account.

According to experts at DataProt, the scam involves users receiving messages from friends with the subject line “look who died.”

The messages then contain a link to what appears to be a news story about the death of a person a user knows, or to a story about the death of a celebrity.

According to experts, the link is actually part of a phishing scam designed to steal login information. The links can also be used to install malware on devices, which can compromise other data. Typically, the links include directions to log into a user’s Facebook account, which is then used to steal passwords and usernames.

That account access can then be used to send similar messages to individuals in your friend’s list, according to the company.

According to the Washington Post, users whose accounts are compromised are best-served going to Facebook’s data recovery website, and doing so from the WiFi network and using the device that they most-regularly use with the social media site.

Other steps are available, including resetting email addresses, sending in photos of your identification and more. Those steps can be found on Facebook’s website.

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