Planting for the future: Morocco lays the seeds for Africa’s agricultural revolution

Like The rest of the arena, Morocco is grappling with local weather modification and scientists within the us of a are exploring ways to improve more resilient and sustainable agriculture. 

Analysis and construction has turn out to be a most sensible precedence for many African universities. In Morocco, the Secretary Basic of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University says the leading edge being done must allow Africa to develop into a meals protected continent in the long run.

“The ambition of this college is to create a framework the place young Africans can assimilate the ideas and notions of era and adapt them into truth on the flooring. Technology is world, but innovation is native. we want to offer an area for these kids so that they can take fee of Africa’s development,”

 says Secretary Common Hicham el Habti.

“We’re always encouraged to innovate”

The university’s mantra is ‘learning through doing’. an educational idea that goals to mix experience and creativity. 

“We’re always encouraged to innovate, to come up with new solutions, to come up with entrepreneurial solutions,” says scholar Yousra Lamhamedi.

Yahya Ouarzazi, some other scholar, concurs: “Our academics, our supervisors…what we are requested to do is to innovate.”

© Euronewsone in every of the university’s innovation hubs specialises in good farming.© Euronews

Smart farming

one of the School’s innovation hubs is an experimental farm. The centre specialises in so-known as ‘sensible farming’ – harnessing era and data processing to enhance cultivation.

Aerodrive Engineering Products And Services is one among the hub’s startups. It provides consulting services and products to farmers, using drones to locate pest insects, nutrient deficiencies or water pressure. 

“Those techniques have confirmed their effectiveness in several international locations, and in my opinion it is just a subject of time prior to such strategies are essential to stay aggressive at an international level,” explains the firm’s CEO, Soufiane Amaldi.

Much of the experimental farm’s research goals to deal with problems affecting productivity, comparable to soil degradation, lack of biodiversity, and illness.

© EuronewsStartup Aerodrive supplies drone products and services to farmers to hit upon pest bugs, nutrient deficiencies and water rigidity in plants.© Euronews

Local Weather amendment adaption

To cope with the changing local weather, scientists also are checking out choice vegetation that develop in drylands. Crops like moringa and quinoa are especially smartly adapted.

“Local Weather amendment is turning into an existential threat. Subsequently, it’s the accountability of every unmarried united states to return up with its own answers to deal with this problem. considered one of the way to do this is the screening of, cereals, or plants or vegetation that can perform really well within the face of climate amendment. Quinoa is one in every of those crops,” says soil scientist Fassil Kebede.

droughts can also be vital and we chose quinoa because it handiest needs to be watered twice.

The College has additionally been playing a tremendous position within the development of quinoa in the Moroccan province of Rhamna where the soil can also be dry and of poor quality.

Some farmers have switched from wheat and barley to the Latin American grain, given it offers higher yields. 

”in this region, droughts may also be vital and we chose quinoa because it handiest must be watered twice, that’s why we develop it right here. As for the yield, we’ve carried out two very conclusive trials, and this 12 months we’re going to extend the crop to the entire plot,” 
explains Anas Zeroual, an agricultural technician.

The growing popularity of quinoa in Morocco, which may also be used to make flour, biscuits and couscous – Morocco’s national dish – has also resulted in jobs.

Hafida El Felahi, is The Overall Secretary of 3rd Millennium Cooperative, which tactics the grain.

She says: “many of us ask for quinoa, the supermarkets too, people with gluten issues, vegetarians… There are people who have come to get quinoa from here to plant it in the north. there is already quinoa within the south… someday we will be able to find quinoa in all places Morocco. Inch’allah, we are hoping so!”

Africa’s Silicon Valley

As for the School, it says it has massive plans for the future. The ambition is to welcome lots of new students and researchers in the coming years and become Africa’s Silicon Valley. 

”We’ve unbelievable human capital. this is a core resource for the African continent. In the coming years, youngsters will represent the largest part of Africa’s population. For me, this is a rare lever and this is the most productive opportunity the African continent has,” insists the School’s Secretary-Basic, Hicham el Habti.

© EuronewsThe Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is best the revolution in farming generation in Africa.© Euronews


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