My new co-workers say I made them look rude

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I moved offices in a large organization, and now share an open area with five new colleagues.

My new co-workers say I made them look rude One of them had, in the past, purchased a coffee machine for general use in this area. I asked if I could use it, and was told “certainly.” We all bring our own coffee pods, and several of us bring jugs of water to fill the water reservoir.

I was brought up not to be a moocher, so after a couple of weeks, I gave the owner $10 to compensate for my daily use of his machine. He initially declined to take it, but I insisted and he took it, thanking me.

I did this privately, just between him and myself, but word spread. I have been told that what I did was a faux pas and made the others look bad, since they had never offered him any money.

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