My joke offended a woman I like

My joke offended a woman I like

DEAR HARRIETTE: I accidentally put my foot in my mouth when talking to a woman I really hoped to become friends with.

I was trying to be funny and make a joke, but it came out wrong, and she got offended. I felt terrible afterward, and I’m not sure how to fix the situation. I tried to backpedal and explain that I didn’t actually mean anything by it, but it was too late; the damage was done, and our conversation fizzled out after that.

I’m really kicking myself for saying the wrong thing, because I really liked her and we were having such a great time chatting. I know there are no second chances for first impressions, but is there anything I could do to fix what I’ve done?

Foot in Mouth

DEAR FOOT IN MOUTH: Request an opportunity to see this woman again. If granted, go to her openly and tell her the truth.

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