My husband’s cute habits are wearing on my nerves

My husband's cute habits are wearing on my nerves

DEAR HARRIETTE: What used to be cute in my marriage is now driving me crazy.

I can’t stand the habits that define my husband’s daily routine. Even the way he gets out of bed in the morning grates on my nerves. It continues from there.

I know it’s not right, but I feel like my whole self is screaming at him to become invisible. I know how awful that sounds.

I also believe he senses my disdain for him. I can’t even look at him with a smile these days. All I see and hear are the things that drive me nuts.

We used to argue about real stuff that was happening that wasn’t cool. Now, for me at least, it has devolved to me losing it over the littlest things. How can I turn this around?

He Gets on My Nerves

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