Letters: Profit over pictures | Landlord favored

Letters: Profit over pictures | Landlord favored

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SJSU picks profit
over family memories

It’s sad to see San Jose State University prioritizing profit at its 2023 graduations.

Proud parents of graduating seniors were not allowed to attend graduation if their camera lens was more than two inches long. Security personnel said cameras with long lenses weren’t allowed because the university hired its own photographers and students would need to purchase its pictures rather than taking their own family photos with long lenses.

It’s sad when university profit is more important than family memories.

Ralph Nichols
San Jose

City officials favored
landlord over tenants

Re: “‘It was inappropriate all the way around’” (Page B1, May 25).

It’s hard to believe elected San Mateo officials could be so wrong about dangerous living conditions and a City Council could fail to back up city staff’s very reasonable enforcement of the law.

What if the tenants had suffered injury or death because of known violations of building codes and lack of common decency on the part of the landlord? And where is the San Mateo County district attorney on this? The Ghost Ship property owners had to declare bankruptcy because of their negligence. Rental property owner Trina Pierce should be brought up on charges and the City Council’s decision should be appealed in court.

The Papan sisters inherited their power. That’s probably the reason it’s so easy for them to abuse it.

Wes Rose
Menlo Park

Latino community should
step up for foster youth

Re: “Retaining funding necessary for foster children to succeed” (Page A6, May 23).

In his opinion piece, Frederick J. Ferrer speaks to the healing nature of positive childhood experiences. As a former court appointed special advocate volunteer, I know this to be true. It also helps when the child can relate to their assigned volunteer.

As a bilingual, Spanish-speaking Latina, I was assigned to a bilingual Spanish-speaking Latina. Our language and cultural similarities allowed us to connect on a very deep level, which made it easier for us to build a trusting relationship. As Ferrer writes, Hispanic children are grossly overrepresented. This is alarming and requires further examination. It also calls on our Hispanic community to show up.

I’m certain our state representative will do what’s right and approve this funding. I implore my fellow Hispanic community members also to do what’s right and consider becoming a CASA Volunteer.

Dora Beyer
San Jose

DeSantis, Trump make
poor leaders for GOP

Re: “DeSantis offers best chance to win over independents in ’24” (Page A13, May 28).

I disagree that Ron DeSantis is a candidate who would win over independents in 2024. He would win over some independents, but many have chosen to be independent after the Republican Party chose Donald Trump as its presidential candidate.

Ron DeSantis’ positions aren’t very different from Trump’s. He has eliminated women’s rights to make decisions over their own bodies by outlawing abortions after six weeks gestation. He is promoting ignorance in the schools via “Don’t Say Gay” and blocking the teaching of black history details, including for graduate college students. He has reneged on the agreement between Walt Disney and Florida about self-governance of the parks. He is denying refuge to immigrants fleeing dangerous living conditions.

Although these positions are called “conservative,” I don’t agree. Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have agreed, either. Neither DeSantis nor Trump are acceptable Republican candidates for 2024.

Michael Gray
San Jose

We must rethink our
use of fossil fuels

According to the Our World in Data organization, over 12% of deaths globally are caused by air pollution. With the increasing use of fossil fuels, worsening air quality is becoming prominent.

We must stop the extensive use of fossil fuels to save our planet. With the use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, trapping heat and worsening the effects of climate change.

In addition to climate change, fossil fuels release air pollutants into the environment, causing an increase in respiratory conditions. Apart from having an impact on our respiratory health, poor air quality also raises the risk of cardiovascular disease, decreased lung function and early mortality.

If we don’t put a stop to the use of fossil fuels, our next breath might not be a breath of fresh air.

Ayden Duong
San Jose

Let’s get out of our cars
to fight climate change

Climate change is a prevalent global issue that transcends all boundaries — cultural, geographical and societal. With its continual rapid increase, the call for a solution grows more urgent each day.

Soruce : https://www.mercurynews.com/2023/05/30/letters-1289/

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