Late night burglaries have Long Beach business owners on edge

Long Beach business owners say they are feeling helpless after a string of late night burglaries, many of which were caught on camera.

The break-ins have left a lot of business owners feeling like their business could be next.

One of those burglaries happened at a plant store called Plantitas. That break-in was caught by the store’s security cameras.

The owner of Plantitas says it’s not the first time the store has been burglarized.

Last weekend, three business owners had their restaurants broken into. Those crimes were also caught on camera, each one happening within a few hours and just a few blocks away from each other.

A hooded person seen in several security footage clips is believed to be the one responsible for the bulk, if not all, of the recent burglaries.

The suspect is seen wearing gray pants, a gray hoodie and a mask. Their weapon of choice appears to be a long crowbar-like metal object. During one of the burglaries, he appeared to be working with another person wearing a similar outfit.

The owner of Speak Cheezy, a pizza place that was burglarized last weekend, said he is hopeful the burglar is located and arrested.

“This has been my dream since I was a kid, so to have someone think they can take a piece of that and they way they did, it’s not right,” said Jason Winters, owner of Speak Cheezy. “The Police Department is buried right now, but we’re going to get him.”

Security footage shows the suspect in a Long Beach burglary get into a white Kia.

Video from a burglary last weekend showed the suspect getting into a white KIA sedan.

The Long Beach Police Department says it’s putting more resources to investigate these issues in response to all these burglaries. The Police Department is also offering tips for businesses, including making sure your business is well lit and emptying cash registers before closing and leaving the drawer open.

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