Kyoto entertainers perform New Year greeting ritual

In Japan’s historical capital of Kyoto, professional female entertainers known as “geiko,” and their apprentices referred to as “maiko,” have started offering early New Year’s greetings.

Kyoto’s leisure districts study “kotohajime,” which literally manner “the start of items,” on December THIRTEEN. The day marks the start of preparations for the new Year.

Geiko and maiko historically discuss with their academics for kotohajime, besides because the shops they use. Some leisure districts canceled the visits final yr amid the coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, geiko and maiko from the Gion Kobu district visited their dance trainer, Inoue Yachiyo, a designated living national treasure, at her practice session corridor in Higashiyama Ward.

The women exchanged greetings in a room embellished with rows of mochi rice cake offerings. They wore brightly coloured kimonos.

The scholars wished their instructor a cheerful new year, and requested for her continued support. Inoue thanked them and gave them celebratory folding fans.

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