It’s not fair that my rent doesn’t buy me any extras

It's not fair that my rent doesn't buy me any extras

Dear Amy: I’m in my early 20s and living at home. I’m paying my parents rent, but the money I pay doesn’t include anything else – just the room.

This doesn’t seem fair to me, and I’d really appreciate hearing what you think of this.

– Renter at Home

Dear Renter: You’ve just described … rent. When you rent, you pay the owner of the dwelling for the roof over your head. That’s all.

When you’re a child, your parents provide all of the extras. When you’re an adult, having someone else do the cooking, cleaning and laundry is what happens at a hotel.

Once you accept this reality, you should do some research to see if you are able to afford rent and living expenses elsewhere. You may find that – even without the extras – you are benefiting from the lower cost of living at home.

Many young people use this transition period at home as a way to aggressively save money toward the higher cost of living elsewhere.

Dear Amy: About two years ago, I messaged “Bradley” on social media. (We’re both gay.)

I complimented him on some pictures he posted. He answered me, which led to steady messaging, which then led to phone calls.

What impressed me was how often he took the initiative. I’d send a morning and afternoon message. The calls could go two or three hours, on a daily basis.

He told me he’s shared more about his life with me than anyone else.

After several months of almost daily calls and messaging I told him that I love him. He’s said the same to me. He really has become part of my life. We have talked about meeting.

Recently, he got a job out West, which means a move from his home state in the East. I live in the Midwest.

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