Is this too much to ask of my ex-addict boyfriend?

Is this too much to ask of my ex-addict boyfriend?

DEAR HARRIETTE: My brother has been battling substance addiction for a while now. My boyfriend struggled with the same thing for years before I met him, and he is now completely sober, healthy and thriving. I want the same thing for my brother.

The emotional and psychological toll that my brother’s addiction has taken on our family is immeasurable, and I’m always looking for resources to help him.

I was wondering if my current partner could provide some insight into his journey and be a supportive, positive presence for my brother in a way that only those who have lived through similar experiences can truly do. Could this be too big of a request?

My brother and my boyfriend do not have much of a relationship.

Desperate for Help

DEAR DESPERATE FOR HELP: Talk to your boyfriend. Reveal what’s been going on with your brother, and ask your boyfriend if he would be willing to talk to him.

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