In California, not many people live alone, study says

Californians aren’t too keen on living alone, according to a study from Chamber of Commerce, a website aimed at helping small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Researchers analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau and found which cities were considered the “loneliest” due to the number of one-person households. Select California cities were considered the “least lonely” due to the low number of people living alone.

Researchers analyzed data from over 170 cities focusing on those with a population of 150,000 or more, according to the website.

Nine cities from the Golden State were ranked among the top 10 “least lonely” cities in the U.S.

Least Lonely Cities in California

  • Fontana: 11.1% of people live alone
  • Oxnard: 12.3% of people live alone
  • Moreno Valley: 12.6% of people live alone
  • Elk Grove: 12.8% of people live alone
  • Santa Ana: 12.8% of people live alone
  • Salinas: 13.3% of people live alone
  • Palmdale: 15.1% of people live alone
  • Corona: 15.9% of people live alone
  • Ontario: 16.1% of people live alone

The top 5 “loneliest” cities, according to the study, were:

  • Washington D.C.: 48.3% of people live alone
  • St. Louis, Missouri: 47.5% of people live alone
  • Alexandria, Virginia: 46.5% of people live alone
  • Richmond, Virginia: 46.2% of people live alone
  • Cincinnati, Ohio: 46.2% of people live alone

While these cities didn’t rank within the top 5, researchers also found that Pasadena, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, and Irvine were some of the cities that saw the largest increase in single-person households.

Researchers analyzed 2016-2021 one-person household data from the U.S. Census to determine which cities had the most significant change.

The study also revealed that Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was the city with the highest amount of men living alone, with a total of 24.7%. Richmond, Virginia, was found to be the city with the highest number of females living alone, with a total of 28%

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