I’m his wife, and I should be first on the emergency list

I'm his wife, and I should be first on the emergency list

Dear Amy: I just got upset at my husband because I found out that he put my mother-in-law (his mom) as his first contact on his driver’s license. He listed me as his second contact.

Am I overreacting or being selfish? I feel hurt because I’m his wife!


Dear Hurt: Some states ask holders of driver’s licenses to designate emergency contacts that are put in a database. This way, these contacts are quickly accessible to law enforcement and also easily updated.

Listing his mother as his emergency contact might have been your husband’s first instinct, but I’d say it might be a poor choice.

Of the two of you — his mother or you — which person is more likely to be able to react quickly if your husband is in an accident? Most likely you, assuming that you are healthy and able, and always have your phone nearby and charged.

All the same, I think you might be overreacting.

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