How do you count an ant colony?: London Zoo takes stock of its animals

Keepers at ZSL London Zoo have kicked off the new yr with a tricky task: counting the resident animals for an annual stocktake.

Penguins, lions, monkeys and camels had been a few of the 400 species that the Zoo has to depend every year for licensing and breeding reasons.

The activity may be an even moment to celebrate the new arrivals.

Sumatran tigress Gaysha gave birth to a tiny cub ahead of Christmas, bringing the tiger tally at ZSL London Zoo to three and boosting international breeding programme numbers for the Severely Endangered species, states the Zoo’s website.

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The Reptile Space also saw the hatch of three snappy large-headed turtles, whose parents have been rescued from the illegal natural world trade.

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The activity might sound to be easy or even a laugh to start with look however consider looking to rely the ants or the jellyfish. Well, the group member in this zoo have their tactics already; they depend ant colonies as one as opposed to tracking hundreds of particular person ants, even as the aquarists take images of the moon jellyfish tank to assist complete their depend.

The annual audit regularly lasts for just about every week. The Zoo shares the general information with other zoos around the global to help manage worldwide conservation breeding programmes for endangered species. 

Watch the video to peer how the rely is going on.

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