He lied to me, but I want to save our friendship

He lied to me, but I want to save our friendship

DEAR ABBY: I have known my friend “Aaron” since first grade. Our relationship hasn’t been the same since COVID broke out. He hardly ever connects with me unless it’s on social media. He refuses to get together with anyone or leave his house.

Things haven’t been easy for him because he lives alone. He used to live with his brother, but since his brother’s death a few years ago, Aaron hasn’t been the same. I’m upset with him because instead of telling me, he told my best friend about his brother’s death.

When we discussed trying to get together again, he initially said he wanted to wait until the stay-at-home order was lifted. When that finally happened, he announced he didn’t want to get together until COVID had died down and it was considered safe.

Abby, I feel hurt and betrayed. I understand Aaron’s concerns about COVID and the risks involved, but I don’t like being lied to. I feel he deceived me by telling me one thing but really meaning another. I think he should have been upfront and honest with me from the start.

I value our friendship, so I’m not willing to throw it away just yet. Aaron is no longer talking to me, and our relationship is ruined.

Am I wrong to feel this way? I’m unsure about what steps to take next.


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