Dubai princess wins 554 million pounds from sheikh in UK settlement

By Way Of Michael Holden and Andrew MacAskill

LONDON – Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, has been ordered by the High Court in London to provide a British document of more than 554 million pounds ($733 million) to settle a custody struggle with his ex-wife over their children.

The Bulk of the huge award to Princess Haya bint al-Hussein, half-sister of Jordan’s King Abdullah, and the couple’s youngsters, is to ensure their lifetime safety, not least to address the “grave risk” posed to them through the sheikh himself, mentioned the pass judgement on, Philip Moor.

The judge stated: “She is not soliciting for an award for herself rather than for safety” and to compensate her for the possessions she misplaced as a result of the marital breakdown.

He directed Mohammed to make a one-off fee of 251.FIVE million kilos inside three months to Haya for the maintenance of her British mansions, to cover the money she mentioned she was once owed for jewelry and racehorses, and for her long term security prices.

The sheikh, who is vice chairman and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, was additionally informed to provide 3 million pounds against the training of Jalila, 14, and Zayed, 9, and 9.6 million pounds in arrears. He used to be additionally asked to pay 11.2 million pounds a yr for the youngsters’s upkeep, and for his or her security after they become adults.

These bills can be assured by means of a 290 million pound safety held by HSBC financial institution. the general sum, regardless of being believed through some London legal professionals to be the largest public award ever ordered through an English family courtroom, is less than half of the 1.4 billion pounds that Haya had at first sought.

During almost seven hours of testimony, Haya, FORTY SEVEN, mentioned a big one-off cost could permit for a clean holiday and remove the sheikh’s dangle over her and their children.

“i truly wish to be loose and i need them to be unfastened,” she told the court docket.

Following the ruling, a spokesperson for the sheikh said he “has always ensured that his youngsters are equipped for” and asked for the media to recognize their privacy. A attorney for Haya didn’t right away reply to a request for comment.

The payment is the latest building in a legal saga that began when the princess fled to Britain in April 2019, fearing for her safety after she began an affair with one in all her bodyguards, and a month after she had asked the sheikh for a divorce.

Later that year, the London courtroom dominated Mohammed had carried out a campaign of threats and intimidation that made her fear for her lifestyles, and that he had additionally previously abducted and mistreated two of his daughters via every other marriage.

Earlier this year, the President of the Family Division in England and Wales, a senior judge, also determined that Mohammed had ordered the telephones of Haya and her legal professionals, one in every of whom is a parliamentary lawmaker, to be hacked the usage of the delicate “Pegasus” state security software.

Haya had now not requested for any divorce settlement. She didn’t be offering a proof, however her lawyers mentioned she would have been entitled to hunt billions as the ex-wife of certainly one of the world’s richest men.

“the mother’s monetary claims, and the dimensions of the relief that’s being sought, are somewhat extraordinary,” the sheikh’s attorney, Nigel Dyer, informed the courtroom all over hearings which might no longer be said until Tuesday.

He said her demands had been excessive and she was truly claiming for herself under the guise of her youngsters. He also accused the princess of misusing the kids’s finances, saying that she had paid out 6.7 million pounds to blackmailers, who have been a part of her safety crew, to keep an affair quiet.

The court didn’t pay attention from the alleged blackmailers. Haya mentioned she used money from the kids’s money owed as a result of she was anxious.


Haya’s attorney, Nicholas Cusworth, said felony charges over two and a part years had reached greater than 70 million kilos, adding “the actual extent of the gigantic sums spent by (Mohammed) won’t ever be recognized”.

The Majority of Haya’s monetary award will pass on security, according to the main points of the settlement. This was to keep the kids safe from being abducted through their own father, the ruling said, including money for a fleet of armoured automobiles which would get replaced every few years.

Moor mentioned Haya and her youngsters needed the intensive provision to offer protection to them from the sheikh, in addition as on account of their royal status.

“Absolutely uniquely, the principle danger they face is from (the sheikh) himself now not from outside resources,” Moor mentioned.

“there will stay a clear and ever present possibility to (Haya) for the remaining of her lifestyles, whether it be from (Mohammed) or simply from the normal terrorist,” he mentioned, relating to safety threats faced by means of any individual in Haya’s place.

Such were the troubles that Haya’s head of safety – recognized best as ‘Director 1′ – had to be brought into the courtroom to present proof approximately her safety needs with the home windows blacked out, shielded with a curtain from all with the exception of Moor and two legal professionals, and his name handed to the judge on a work of paper.


Haya’s lawyers instructed the judge the money to be had to the princess and the kids in Dubai had been “countless”, with access to more than a dozen sumptuous houses, a 400 million pound yacht and a fleet of private planes.

She had an annual funds of greater than EIGHTY THREE million pounds for her family in Dubai with another 9 million pounds spending cash, the ruling mentioned. Mohammed’s attorney acknowledged to the court he may carry 1.25 billion kilos in cash inside three months.

“I remind myself that cash was once no item during the marriage,” Moor stated in approving Haya’s declare for 1.9 million kilos to be spent on a kitchen extension, pizza oven and kitchen curtains at her London home.

Moor said he wouldn’t give “carte blanche” to Haya’s monetary claims, however may consider her demands “with an overly transparent eye to the exceptional cases of this case, such because the truly opulent and extraordinary same old of living loved via these parties in Dubai”.

Haya told the court it was no longer excessive for her to ask for millions to pay for 5 housekeepers, apparel, upkeep of her mansions, one envisioned to be price approximately 100 million kilos, and common holidays.

Her jewelry, in general valued at a few 20 million kilos, may fill the court if spread out, she mentioned.

Moor ordered Mohammed to pay her 1 million kilos for missing high fashion clothes which she stated had disappeared and FIVE million to hide nine weeks of holidays for her and family members every year.

“She is not, in the context of this case, wealthy,” her attorney, Cusworth, mentioned. The ruling said she had been compelled to promote 15.6 million kilos of property – together with horses price 10 million and 2.1 million kilos value of knickknack – to make ends meet even as she waited for the general cost.

He stated her calls for should be seen in the context that Mohammed had a 2 million pound bill for buying strawberries one summer for his country property, northeast of London.

However, the sheikh’s attorney, Dyer, described many of Haya’s claims as “absurd” or “ridiculous”, and mentioned they were totally at odds together with her said need for her kids to guide a regular existence.

He said the pass judgement on’s ruling was likely to be “the largest financial remedy award undoubtedly ever ordered and that i consider ever made through a circle of relatives court docket”.

The previous greatest sum ever idea to were ordered by a British courtroom used to be the 453.6 million kilos that Russian billionaire Farkad Akhmedov was advised to pay for his 2016 divorce settlement.

Mohammed, 72, had presented to pay common maintenance sums of 10 million kilos a 12 months, and supply a 500 million pound guarantee which Dyer said could “hold like a sword of Damocles” over his head and that of his circle of relatives.

In his end, Moor stated he discovered Haya’s evidence to be “palpably truthful”.

To Mohammed, the princess’s attorney Cusworth mentioned, “the true worth of money could be very other to any commonplace mortal focused on this case or any litigant who generally comes ahead of this courtroom”.

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