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A daughter’s hilariously brutal tribute to her late Illinois father, a “card-carrying, ray ban wearing, camo coverall lovin’ redneck,” has sparked a lot of attention.

Halliea Milner said her father, Kenneth Kenne Joseph Puhlar Jr., died at the age of 62 when he lost a battle with sepsis.

“After 50 years of crap-starting with everyone and everything he could find to fight in Alton, IL, this hard as nails, redneck, SOB finally found something meaner and more stubborn than himself,” she wrote in his obituary.

Milner said her dad loved hunting, fishing and drinking and “both kinds of music – country AND western.”

Puhlar was a dare devil of sorts, who “probably invented the phrase – ‘Hey, y’all, watch this,'” Milner wrote, adding that her father was outdoorsy, “great at growing his own weed,” and “a halfway decent carpenter … if you could convince him to show up and work.”

“Kenne was good at just about anything he tried to be good at and was wicked smart – but that didn’t stop him from trying his best to do absolutely nothing except drink, smoke, and listen to music,” Milner wrote.

Beyond his work ethic, there was his love life.

“Like every sad cowboy song, he couldn’t stay married, but that didn’t keep him from trying,” the obituary read. “Again. And again. He had a total of 4 legal marriages (and divorces) and one common law marriage under his belt – that we know of.”

Milner was his only daughter, and she said her father was “extremely proud” of her, “mostly because she is almost as big of a pain in the a– as he was, and she kept the pain-in-the-a– line going by giving him his only grandchild.”

She told TODAY.com that she and her father were “great friends.”

“I remember him being upset with me only two times in my life — once when I was 7 and I (accidentally) punched him in the nose and again when I said he couldn’t leave the nursing home until he got oxygen in his house,” she said in an interview. “He was more stern with other people but a very caring father.”

That’s why when Milner sat down to write an obituary that would make him proud, after being unable to find someone to do it for her, she decided to simply “let it out.”

Puhlar was preceded in death by his mother, who Milner said he insisted “til the day he died” was “proof positive that even the biggest assholes (jerks) have a soft side, you just may have to dig deeper to find it.”

Puhlar’s father, however, is still living, “and was sure to teach Kenne the best ways to be emotionally unavailable and yet overly sensitive, all rolled into one.”

“It’s a strong family trait passed down generation to generation,” Milner wrote.

He is also survived by all of his siblings, “which is no surprise seeing as he was equal parts dare devil and lush,” as well as his nieces and nephews, whom he “terrorized and traumatized in countless and original manners.”

“From first to last, they all loved him til the end, which is a miracle seeing as he took the idea of being ‘hard to love’ as a personal challenge,” his obituary read.

The tribute has gained plenty of attention since Milner wrote it, with many commenters praising the obituary.

“I did not know Kenne, but after reading this brilliantly written obituary I sure wish I did,” one person wrote.

The piece also made its way onto a now-removed Reddit thread.

“Whoever wrote this should write all obits,” one commenter wrote.

“On one hand I can’t believe someone wrote that, on the other that’s the best combo of honest love / tolerance I can imagine,” another said.

The family plans to honor Puhlar “the good old fashioned Kenne way” – with a party next week.

“There will be food & beer that you don’t have to pay for (Kenne’s favorite)” and rather than sharing emotional memories, “people will start talking crap about Kenne and his life.”

The family asks that those who want to remember Puhlar don’t send the usual flowers or donations. but rather “take a trip to the Dollar Store in Kenne’s honor instead.”

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