Caltrans testing ramp lights to prevent wrong-way crashes: Roadshow

Caltrans testing ramp lights to prevent wrong-way crashes: Roadshow

Q: Another innocent person was killed by a wrong-way driver in Santa Rosa earlier this month. Once an idiot starts driving up the offramp, there are no signs telling the idiot to stop and turn around. Maybe the signage is too costly? What is a life worth? What do you think?

Tom Lustig, Mountain View

A: The state has been testing red lights on onramps and offramps to try to curb wrong-way driving. More testing will be done, but early indications are that these lights are very effective at reducing wrong-way crashes.

Q: I am sure that the opinion that Pete Williams of Moraga offered recently is based on his experience. And he made some good points. But having had military driver’s training, a military driver’s license, and an FAA pilot’s license gives me a different experience and a different perspective of the cause of so many bad drivers with bad attitudes and poor driving performance.

In my experience of driving in this valley for many years, the real cause of bad drivers is inadequate driver training and a woeful lack of testing by the DMV, including failure to test people to see if they can react in time to handle an emergency.

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