Bride threatens to boot guests for breaking wedding rule

Bride threatens to boot guests for breaking wedding rule

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My fiance and I are getting married next year and so far, everything is coming together smoothly. The only issue I have is how to tell our guests — without sounding like a bridezilla — that there will be a very strict “no cellphones” policy during the ceremony.

They can have their phones out during the reception all they want, but I want them to keep them far away from the ceremony!

Both of us are very laid-back and tend to go with the flow, but whenever I see people taking pictures and videos during wedding ceremonies instead of actually being in the moment with the happy couple, it fills me with rage! I mean, that’s what the paid photographer is for, right?!

No one, and I mean no one, on social media really cares about the 200 photos you posted from a wedding for people your followers/friends don’t even know. The people who care about the event will already be at the ceremony. So why even bother?

I absolutely do not want our very expensive professional photos to be riddled with phones!

I’m so serious about this issue that I’m debating asking people to leave if they break the rule. I’m sure most will be fine with it, but there will always be those certain few who’ll do what they want. I feel that if I’m too nice about it, people will take it as more of a suggestion than a rule.

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