Barkley says Warriors are ‘cooked’ vs. Lakers, but Shaq disagrees

Barkley says Warriors are 'cooked' vs. Lakers, but Shaq disagrees

If it wasn’t clear what the Hall of Famers on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” thought of the Warriors, their immediate reactions after the Warriors lost Game 4 to the Lakers to fall behind 3-1 in this series made it clear.

Charles Barkley declared that the Warriors are “cooked” for this series, while Shaquille O’Neal says the defending champions still have a great chance to win the series.

Barkley has been antagonistic towards the Warriors for years, oftentimes to a comical extent. Already in this postseason, he guaranteed a Kings victory in Game 5 before Golden State went on to win in Sacramento in that same game.

Now, Barkley is ready to declare the Warriors as dead, saying, “Cooked. They’re cooked. This series is over. Whether in five or six [games], it’s over.”

But at the start of the segment, O’Neal was asked by Ernie Johnson what the chances are of the Warriors coming back from a 3-1 deficit in this series. O’Neal seemed to catch Johnson and his fellow analysts off-guard by replying, “Still great.”

“You’re going up against the champs. You’ve got to put the champs away,” O’Neal said. “The champs ain’t going to lay down. This ain’t Memphis, the champs ain’t going to lay down.

“Steph Curry, the greatest shooter in this game, missed those last two shots. You don’t think he’s going to be pissed off? And he’s a dog, and when dogs get pissed off, they come ready to play the next day.”

O’Neal’s support of Curry isn’t a shock. He’s previously been a vocal supporter of the shooter, providing a stark contrast across the desk to Barkley. O’Neal even sounded a bit like some Warriors fans on Monday night, seeing the opportunity out of being down 3-1 to the Lakers and LeBron James.

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