Attempted kidnapping of 10-year-old girl caught on camera in Riverside County

Surveillance cameras captured an attempted kidnapping of a 10-year-girl while she was in the front yard of her Murrieta home, and while the alleged kidnapper is still on the loose, the young girl’s father is speaking out.  

Michael Angodung said just before the incident happened, it had been a completely normal Sunday evening for his family.  

“I let my guard down pretty much,” he said. “It was just unexpected on a Sunday night. My daughter loves playing volleyball. So, she asked me, ‘Dad, can we play outside?’ and (I said), ‘Sure. I’ll give you 10 minutes because I’ve got to back and do some chores.’”  

Angodung said he played in the front yard with his daughter, Kassidy, before heading into the house to get a drink. That’s when he caught a glimpse of a man walking down the street.  

“You couldn’t mistake his walk. He had a funny walk. I thought not much of it,” he told KTLA.  

Not even a minute after he entered his home, he said his daughter came running for him.  

“Then she rushes all the way inside the garage, saying, ‘Dad, dad, there’s a guy trying to kidnap me!’ And I’m like, ‘Quit playing, what do you mean trying to kidnap you?’” 

A neighbor’s security cameras show the man walking along the sidewalk with a blue cap and flip-flops on. From another angle, the man can be seen stopping in front of Angodung’s home and speaking to his daughter.  

From yet another surveillance camera that captured audio, the man can be heard talking to the 10-year-old, asking her if he can see her shirt, before he’s seen lunging toward her.

  • Attempted kidnapping Riverside Count
  • Attempted kidnapping Riverside Count

“It kind of pierces your veil of security pretty much because I always think, ‘Hey, this is a very kid-friendly, family neighborhood,” Angodung said.  

The man can then be seen continuing on his way down the sidewalk. The girl’s father reported the incident to the authorities.  

Later, deputies with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department canvassed the neighborhood, going door-to-door, asking neighbors for surveillance video and asking whether they saw anything.  

“This is a very, very quiet neighborhood. You see kids outside always playing,” Murrieta resident Jessica Vicencio told KTLA. “So, it is a little nerve-wracking.”

Another Murrieta resident, Rob Potts, said he wishes he could have done something to help.  

“It makes me angry. I’ve got four kids and I never think it’s going to happen in an area like this,” he said. “I wish I would’ve been outside to do something.”  

Angodung says his daughter was shaken up by the ordeal, but that she’s okay.  

“I would just say to parents, it’s never too early or too late to talk to your kids about the dangers of our world right now,” he said.  

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